About The Author

John Horton is an ordained minister who has spent over thirty years teaching and preaching thousands of expository Bible lessons and sermons in prisons, halfway houses, missions, rehab centers, nursing homes, and church pulpits and classrooms. He is passionate and unwavering in presenting God’s inspired, life-changing word of truth.

Concurrent to the ministry, he led the business and strategic intelligence organization of a multi-billion-dollar corporation. He has applied his incisive, analytical skills to his Bible teaching and writing—to great effect in the lives of those around him. John Horton has previously published Bible study guides for the Old and New Testaments and is working on multiple writing projects.

10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Truth

(Each proof includes compelling evidence, dozens of verifiable examples, and dozens of quotations by credible experts)


God has uniquely provided thousands of accurately fulfilled future prophecies. Over 2000 Israel and nations..


Hundreds of scientific facts were revealed in Scripture thousands of years before science …


Over 20,000 substantive archaeological artifacts affirm the accuracy of Scripture’s claims of events..


Unparalleled literary evidence affirms Scripture is intact and unchanged.We have available to…

Claims of Inspiration

Forty Scripture writers over 1,500-years unwaveringly affirmed God’s divine inspiration of Scripture over…


An overriding supernatural harmony is evident in the single- minded consistency of Scripture over thousands…

Life Changing Power

The life-changing power of God and Scripture has changed the world. Objectively measuring …


Scripture has faced 2,000 to 3,000 years of violent opposition, persecution and martyrdom; in addition to…

Holy Spirit

A remarkable proofs of God’s inspired Scriptural truth is the work and powerof His indwelling…

Exponential and Mathematical Proof

Would you rather have a million dollars or the sum of a penny that doublesevery day for a month? Some might …

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