John Horton is an ordained minister who has spent over thirty years teaching and preaching thousands of expository Bible lessons and sermons in prisons, halfway houses, missions, rehab centers, nursing homes, and church pulpits and classrooms. He is passionate and unwavering in presenting God’s inspired, life-changing word of truth.

Concurrent to the ministry, he led the business and strategic intelligence organization of a multi-billion-dollar corporation. He has applied his incisive, analytical skills to his Bible teaching and writing—to great effect in the lives of those around him. John Horton has previously published Bible study guides for the Old and New Testaments and is working on multiple writing projects.

John believes today’s disciples and disciple makers are on the ‘front lines’ of a great Spiritual battle that is being waged and won in the power and authority of God. The rules and Christian authority for the warriors in that battle are set forth in God’s inspired word, Scripture/the Bible. “You Can Know the Truth” is focused on using God’s truth and the truth of God’s Word to combat the worldly wisdom and rationale of an increasingly Godless world.

John has been married to his wife, Sharon, for nearly fifty years. God has blessed them with children and grandchildren who are also dedicated followers of Christ. His love of the Lord and concern for his family and others in an increasingly out-of-control world is a big part of his motivation for writing, You Can Know the Truth. He is also greatly concerned for those who unknowingly face the rapidly approaching End Times, apart from God, Christ and Bible truth.

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In Christ,
John Horton