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“You Can Know the Truth … 10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Truth”

I’m already a Bible believer. Does this book only ‘preach to the choir?

You can Know the Truth” will strengthen the confident faith of believers seeking a deeper knowledge of Bible truth.  It will also help Bible-believing Christians more effectively communicate God’s truths to non-Christians.  This is difficult because non-Christians typically holdworldly beliefs (and disbeliefs) about God, Christ and the Bible. They do not read or believe the Bible, and are generally  unwilling to accept Bible teachings.  To be effective, Christians must address the non-believer’s disbelief and misperceptions – on their terms.

Non-believers typically reject attempts to communicate God’s Bible truths with theological jargon or Scripture quotations.  This approach will only reach the occasionalnon-believer who is already seeking God and Christ and willing to listen to what the Bible says.  ‘Internet-schooled-non-believers’typically‘parrot worldly objections to Scripture: “I don’t believe the Bible is true,” “It’s circular reasoning to use the Bible to prove the Bible,” “The Bible is only an old book written by ignorant ancients” or “ProveGod exists and the Bible is true.” 

“You Can Know the Truth” is built on a rock solid Bible foundation, yet focused on meeting skeptics on their own ground.  In addition to Bible truth, it also provides compelling external proofsand quotations by both Christian and non-Christian experts.   Even Long-term, committed Christians are amazed by the depth and scope of available objective proof the Bible is God’s truth!  

This is an amazing book! - How can I help spread the word?

·         Many are surprised and amazed by the breadth and depth of his book.  Like the author, they believe it should be more widely circulated in churches, libraries, Christian bookstores, Bible schools and seminaries and other places Christian education and evangelism resources areoffered.  Making this happen will be a ‘grassroots, Christ-led effort.   If you feel led to do so, you can: (1) Write a review on Amazon Books; (2) Share the book with others on your Social Networks, website, email or other online communications; (3)  Recommend the book to bookstores, friends, Sunday school classes and Bible-educational resources, etc..  The author’s goal is to achieve the widest circulation possible among those who will be blessed by reading it (‘selling books’ and any other objective is only a secondary by-product of circulation).  Along these lines, I am open to working with people in any reasonable way to increase circulation (fund raisers, auctions, quantity discounts, speaking engagements, etc.).

Why haven’t I heard of John Horton before?

·         John is a God-loving, Christ-seeking Bible teacher and evangelist who has spent over thirty-years on the ‘front lines of the American mission field’ (prisons, missions, halfway houses, street ministry, nursing homes, church classrooms and a variety of pulpits).  The Lord has produced significant fruit among individuals in these ministries, but they are not high profile venues.  In addition to preaching and teaching 3-5 times per week, John also led a Strategic Intelligence group with a multi-billion-dollar corporation.  Between the ministry, career and raising a family, there wasn’t much time for other efforts.  Now, in retirement, John is working on numerous other books, writing projects and ministry efforts.

Why hasn’t someone written this book before?

·         Many wonderful apologetics books by talented Christian authors have touched on one or more proofs the Bible is God’s Truth.   “You Can Know the Truth” consolidates ‘10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Truth’ into one exhaustively researched book!   “You Can Know the Truth” also takes a non-traditional approach to this important subject.  It resoundingly declares that the proof of God’s Biblical truth is not solely confined to the pages of inspired Scripture!  It is also verifiably evident in science, prophecy, archaeology, literature, mathematics and other fields, and is directly and indirectly affirmed by Christian and non-Christian experts in many diverse fields.


“You Can Know the Truth” directly confronts the ‘modern relativism’ and political correctness that has sadly led many today to unjustifiably disregard traditional beliefs and respect for God, Christ and the Bible.

Can I buy “You Can Know The Truth” at my local bookstore?

·         Bookstores are able to order “You Can Know The Truth” from their standard Ingram’s Distribution List.  They can (and should) carry the book, but, since it is currently published on Amazon Books (Createspace), instead of traditional distribution channels, some may resist working with an individual title or author (although I will work with them).

Why thedifferent book prices on the www.UCanKnowTheTruth Website?

·         Shipping, handling and postage costs vary.  Autographed, First-Edition books must also be shipped and re-shipped (adding $4 or $7 ($18.88 or $22.88) in postage and shipping materials).  With an Autographed, First Edition book, the Author will also include a copy of his Old Testament ‘Bible-At-A-Glance Study Guide (a $10 value) to help offset the added expense.

      You can optionally buy the book from the Amazon Createspace store (www.Createspace.com/6582208) at a discount from the $14.88 Amazon (Prime) book price  (use discount code #765MKHNE at the Createspace checkout).  The price of the Kindle and PDF versions of the book ($5.88 and $4.88) are lower because they add no postage and require very little handling.