As a former atheist, I have read many Christian apologetics books from noted authors during my conversion. When I learned there was a new book available, You Can Know the Truth - 10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Truth by John G Horton, I wanted to read it and see how it stacked up against others I’ve read.

My overall impression is that You Can Know the Truth is one of the most comprehensive apologetics books available. Mr Horton challenges disbelief in God’s Truth through His Word in the Bible from many angles. Specifically: Prophecy, Science, Archaeology, Literary, Claims of Inspiration, Harmony, Life Changing Power, Indestructibility, Holy Spirit, and Exponential and Mathematical Proof.

A discussion about Truth would be incomplete without an adequate understanding of the term, and Mr Horton prefaces his book with a section titled Truth Matters, in which he defines truth and tells us why it’s important to know God’s Truth.

He then delves deeply into each of the ten sections in the body of his book, several of which I will expand upon below.

Each section concludes with a subsection titled, “What Others Say About…” that topic. I found those subsections valuable because it made the book more like, “This is what WE are telling you,” and not so much, “this is what John G Horton is telling you.” These subsections are made up of quotes from many sources across numerous paths of life such as authors, (both Christian and non-Christian,) writers and poets, scholars and educators, theologians, Nobel Prize winners, philosophers, doctors, physicists, archeologists and other scientists, mathematicians, historians, and inventors, along with their credentials regarding how they’re qualified to speak about each subject.

In Prophecy, Mr Horton provides over 75 specific examples of how prophesies in the Bible either have been fulfilled, or are in the process of being fulfilled, with details and references. He also touches upon hundreds of other prophesies that are in the works.

Mr Horton’s discussion about Science was one of my favorite parts of his book. As a retired engineer, my background in science was one of the hardest things for me to work through during my conversion. Mr Horton’s explanations of the Bible’s correlation to science was quite thorough. Although some of his arguments were familiar to me from other apologetics books I had read, there were quite a number of points he made that further helped me understand that the Bible and Science are not at odds with each other. One subsection I enjoyed was Scientific Truths in Scripture Later “Discovered” by Science. In the examples, Mr Horton starts with a biblical passage and the approximate timeframe it was written, from as far back as 1800-1500 BC. Then he states what the Ancients believed, followed by what scientists had later learned and the year of their discoveries. Ultimately these examples demonstrate how this “new-found” information had been previously revealed in God’s Word many centuries earlier!

I also found interest in the Archaeology section, in which artifacts to support both the Old and New Testaments are presented. For each example given, Mr Horton describes the artifact, when and where it was found, followed by the significance of the finding as well as the Biblical passage aligned with the discovery.

Mr Horton expanded upon another topic I have interest in as an engineer in his Exponential and Mathematical Proof section. He starts by demonstrating how various mathematical sequences appear in nature. He then goes on to describe how the Bible contains many examples of number patterns integrated into Scripture. One particular passage I found intriguing was how the mathematics faculty at Harvard University attempted to disprove the work of one of their own, noted Harvard scholar and mathematician, Ivan Panin. Panin claimed he had mathematical proof of God’s divine inspiration of Scripture and wrote a book with his findings. In spite of the faculty’s advanced mathematical abilities and access to computers, they could not refute Panin’s discovery.

These are only four of the ten sections Mr Horton provides as proof that the Bible is God’s Truth in his book.

Beyond Mr Horton’s Ten Proofs, he offers a section titled Sound Doctrine and Irreducible Truth, an Appendix about Evolution that could be a book by itself, a Cross Reference of Lists and Tables, and a comprehensive Bibliography.

Ultimately, You Can Know the Truth is more than an apologetics book for the non-believer. It is also a book for the believer, from the newly converted to the seasoned follower. It is a book for those looking to go into Seminary. A book for Biblical scholars, established Theologians, Pastors, and Bible Study Group Leaders. No matter your level of interest or disinterest in God and the Christian Faith, you will find something to learn and to value in You Can Know the Truth - 10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Truth by John G Horton. A must-have for your book shelf or library and a solid go-to reference when challenged to give the reason for the hope that you have.